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It’s About Telling Your Story

Portrait and Portfolio (c) 2011 Amberwood Media Group

Portrait and Portfolio (c) 2004-2020 Amberwood Media

When taking a picture, we should ask ourselves “what story are we telling?”

I’ve worked in commercial and travel photography, but now focus on portraits and portfolios, with a preference for shooting in natural light. Based in Charlotte NC, but shooting across the region. Evenings and weekends, by appointment.

You only get to make one first impression. Make it count.

Make Every Impression Count

NC Nature Next Door, (c) 2006 Amberwood Media Group

NC Nature Next Door, (c) 2006 Amberwood Media Group

I have been engaged in some aspect of commercial photography for over 10 years, and taking pictures someplace around the world for over 30. I never lose an opportunity to help a client make an impression.