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It’s About Telling Your Story

Portrait and Portfolio (c) 2011 Amberwood Media Group

Portrait and Portfolio (c) 2004-2017 Amberwood Media

When I take a picture, I’m asking, “what story are we telling?”

AMBERWOOD has experience shooting commercial and portfolio work, along with casual portrait, travel and tourism. We listen to your objectives, and work hard to get you the best possible results. We’re based in Charlotte, shooting across the regions evenings and weekends by appointment.

You only get to make one first impression. Make it count.

Make Every Impression Count

NC Nature Next Door, (c) 2006 Amberwood Media Group

NC Nature Next Door, (c) 2006 Amberwood Media Group

I have been engaged in some aspect of commercial photography for over 10 years, and taking pictures someplace around the world for over 30. I never lose an opportunity to help a client make an impression.


First Impressions Still Matter

The economics of photography have changed. Good photos are now cheap and easy to get, with clip art consuming most all of digital marketing. Game over for photographers? No. Not if anyone still wants to own, build, and shape their image. Those would be our clients.

AMBERWOOD works the details to get everything right. A custom image tells a story that clip art can’t. A custom photo creates a visual metaphor that shows your energy, values, and life style.

It’s the story of you. Why leave it to someone else?

Drop me a line. Let’s compare notes.

Chris Jones – Charlotte NC